An Odd Duck

An Odd Duck.

Kenny Reece’s “3-to-1” super modified.

Kenny Reece was one of the top Supermodfied and Sprint Car builders through the 1970’s, a creative engineer who pushed the boundaries of what was possible and the status quo.

The design was relatively simple, this mad scientists goal was to be able to run the tracks second racing line better the other drivers and give his car a huge advantage in the turns.

By creating larger contact patch with the three massive Goodyear steamrollers on the outside and one roller on the inside holding the frame up located in the center of the car, this allowed the driver to really push the car through the turn harder than any other car on the track.

This beasts power came from a ZL-1 427 aluminum Big block Chevrolet engine from the Can-Am racing series, this stacked, injected alcohol burner produced 850+ hp and was off set in the frame to help with cornering around the track.

In 1979 Reeces brought the car to Sandusky Speedway in Ohio for testing, he put his friend and accomplished NASCAR driver Tim Richmond behind the wheel, Richmond soon put down some impressive times around the short track. The car was capable of enough g-forces to loosen Richmond’s helmet, after Reece changed the gearing for the longer 7.5-mile track. Richmond back out and pushed the car to 200 MPH to prove that the car was stable, Richmond did complaining about the odd feeling of not seeing a front wheel.

Reece planned to bring the car to its first race at the Oswego Speedway, but they heard what kind of animal was going to show up so the Officials made some rule changes. Once Reece learned that the Oswego track officials were never going to let him run because they had specified that the four wheels had to be in a conventional location, He salvaged the parts of value out of the frame and sent the rest to the scrap yard.

~Blanton Payne


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