Big Oly - Father of the Trophy Truck?

Updated: Feb 9

Parnelli (PJ) Jones and the Big Oly Bronco

The Crazy Colt was renamed Big Oly, after Olympia Beer was brought on as the main sponsor. Their logo was painted on each side of the truck, and each side of the overhead wing.

This off-road beast ran a chrome-moly tube chassis, aluminum inner panels, and a fiberglass body. The new fiberglass body was 3 inches shorter and narrower than a factory Bronco. The most ingenious addition was the big wing mounted on the roof, adjustable on the move to apply downforce and keep the 400-hp machine well planted to the dirt.

The wing’s angle offered a 40-degree adjustment range, in 10-degree increments from a lever within reach of the driver. PJ completely destroyed the competition, winning back-to-back Baja 1000 championships with this 351-Windsor-powered dirt pony. He left an indelible mark on the off-road racing Community. The Big Oly Bronco may have been the father of the Trophy Truck.

~Blanton Payne

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