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Hydrazine has been utterly destroying engines and when they held together pushing cars to record speeds. When nitromethane isn’t strong enough just put in some Hydrazine to work as an “exciter”. Some people would refer to it as “H” and it has been making our cars, planes and anything else we wanted to go as fast as it could possibly go.

Hydrazine has been around for some time and was used by the Nazi’s as an additive in the Mercedes Formula 1 cars of the pre war era and would also be used as rocket fuel in WW2.

The early dry lakes racers who experimented with This volatile fuel found that a stock 90hp Ford flathead V8 would pump out over 300hp just by pouring in the horsepower.

Hydrazine was being experimented with at the dragstrip in 1960s, NHRA had a fuel ban on fuels like H And the fastest Top Fuel racers were all stuck around the 180mph mark, but this was soon to change. In Alton Illinois, the Golden Greek Chris Karamesines (who just retired from Top Fuel drag racing this year 2020 at the Age of 89!) filled the tank with H which made his Hemi in to a complete monster and put down an unheard of 204 MPH run all while smoking the tires and wheelstanding through the traps! That run made him the first Drag racer to top 200mph.

Hydrazine has been completely banned but over the years some of the top fuel cars with weird green glowing flames from the headers would completely smash speed and ET records.

"IF the ground's shaking and the flames are green,

They must be running that hydrazine..."

~Blanton Payne

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