Hands - The Little White Racer

Updated: Feb 9

August “Hands” Hartkapf was well known across Texas in the early days of Texas drag racing. The famous 56 Chevy known as “The Little White Racer” had a built 265 small block.

As the story goes it had a brace welded across the passenger-side cylinder head so that if anyone ever challenged him for not running a 265, they could pop the head off...but only on the driver side. What lay under the passenger side was more than just a hot little 265.

A bit of a rule bender, Hands was known for building 10,000 rpm Chevy small blocks. People were always amazed to hear his little motors rev to the MOON!

This Austin Texas drag strip legend passed away on April 15th, 1967. He was an amazing innovator, driver, and great guy! May he always rest in speed.

Tradition Over Trend

~Blanton Payne

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