I've Got a Tiger By the Tail!

I've Got a Tiger By the Tail!

Arnie “The Farmer” Beswick’s Tameless Tiger.

In 1963, The Farmer purchased and campaigned three Super Duty Pontiacs, this originally white light weight Pontiac 421 SD LeMans coupe would be one of his more famous cars. all three cars were built before GM’s January, 1963 ban on factory-sponsored racing. This sent most teams looking to Ford and Chrysler, Arnie would remain loyal to Pontiac and run as an independent driver and owner all without factory support.

Beswick took on the competition and his Ponchos put up a tough fight. He would start winning all over the country and securing his name as a Pontiac racing legend.

His 1963 Tempest coupe suffered some major body damage while being transported. Arnie put his the LeMans coupe back in service as an altered wheelbase Factory Experimental by moving both the front and rear wheels almost a foot. He then Painted over the original white with a bright orange and black tiger stripes, the LeMans became the “Tameless Tiger,” one of the earliest ancestor of the modern “funny cars.”

This supercharged beast was a crowd pleaser! Astounding fans as it ran the 1/4 mile most of the time dragging it back bumper, and carrying the front tires past the half track.

~Blanton Payne


Pontiac Preservation Association

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