Jimmy Dandy

“Jimmy Dandy”

The big GMC 6 powered dragster was originally built and owned by Stan Hill and Jerry Rollema, and was featured in the 1961 August edition of Hot Rod Mag.

Brothers Al and Harvey Teague, successfully campaigned this ground breaking dragster as well with great success.

Both owners of the car would prove its ability with a perfect power-to-weight ratio, Al and Harvey stretched the 93 inch frame to 110 inches to give the car better control off the line.

Fuel and occasionally Nitro would be supplied from a Stu Hilborn’s constant flow injection systems allowing them to change fuels on-the-fly.

This big 6 was very competitive and successful against the powerful 270 Offy powered dragster, it could even put a hurt on E class dragsters with small block Chevrolet’s.

Al & Harvey got the “Jimmy” powered rail in to the 10 second passes with trap speeds 130-140mph on gas. Running 30% nitro the rail ran 152 mph and 9:60 E.T.’s at Fontana raceway.

This beautiful Jimmy six is still revered amongst vintage drag racers as one of the most powerful six cylinder engines of its time.

~ Blanton Payne


Museum of American Speed

Hot Rod

RM Auctions

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