Ken Miles' - “Flying Mustang”

Updated: Feb 9

We absolutely had to share these pictures and story of driver Ken Miles and his Shelby Mustang, that would be forever known as The Flying Mustang. Miles was not only an incredible mechanic but a phenomenal driver.

The Flying Mustang won its first race on February 12th, 1965 at The Green Valley Raceway located in Smithfield, just outside of Dallas, Texas. Fun fact: Green valley was known as “The track that milk built” having previously been a dairy farm.

Miles was the fastest driver in B production that day and was utterly confident in his driving abilities. His control of the car was effortless which allowed his driving skills to really stand out.

One of the best pictures from February 12th was snapped just as Miles and his GT-350 R code went airborne, right before passing Charles Barns and his Merlyn. Miles would shift into 4th gear, in the air, while leaping over the hump, with no engine whine. You could see him just grinning from ear to ear. He was the only driver brave enough to accelerate over the hump.

The Mustang Ken Miles was driving would end up coming up for sale at Mecum action July 17th, 2020 and would sell for a staggering $3.85 million! This hefty price tag made it the most valuable Mustang ever.

Ken Miles and his Flying Mustang left a mark on so many of us in the hot-rodding community. I’m sure we all feel that passion and can relate when he said, “I am a mechanic. That has been the direction of my entire vocational life. Driving is a hobby, a realization for me, like golfing is to others”.

~Blanton Payne

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