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Streamlined For Success.

1950 Eddie Miller Streamliner was Featured on the cover of Hot Rod magazine in August of 1950, Eddie Miller Jr.'s Class B Lakester. In the place where you would think to find a big V8, maybe supercharged even lives a Pontiac straight six FLATHEAD!

Powered by a 1949 Pontiac flathead six-cylinder, 248-cubic-inch engine, Topped with four Zenith carburetors, and pretty much everything you see was built by Miller’s talented hands. Eddie even designed, and built, his own dual distributor drive for dual ignition. It took Eddie Miller over four years to build this Incredible car.

Miller would take his beautiful Lakester to Bonneville and reached speeds of 146 mph in 1950 and returned in 1952 and ran an impressive 156 mph.

Don Ferguson did the amazing restoration on the beautiful brown racer. But Ferguson is the first to give full credit to Miller, who was only 20 years old when he built the car!

"It was his vision," Ferguson says. "I just retraced his work."

~Blanton Payne

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