Pierson Brothers - Red, White, and Blue Coupe

Updated: Jan 21

Sometimes 2D is better than 3D!

The Pierson brothers, Bob and Dick grew up in Inglewood, California. It wasn’t long until they started building machines to go fast! The most famous was their beautiful Red, White, and Blue Coupe.

The Pierson Brothers coupe was a sensation when it topped 140 mph. Soon after, it would run over 150 mph! Coupes were heavier than open roadsters, so until the Piersons began setting records, it was thought that closed cars couldn't possibly run as fast as the open roadsters.

Bobby Meeks with Edelbrock recruited the brothers and sponsored their car. They used the company’s speed parts to set many records together. Meeks built a triple carb 297 cid flathead that pumped out more than 300 bhp and set a class record at 153 mph! It was originally finished in flat black but was later painted the famous Candy Red, White & Candy Blue with 2D in 1950. In April 1950, it graced the cover of Hot Rod magazine.

The 2D has been restored to its former glory and now lives in the Bruce Meyer Collection.

~Blanton Payne

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