Ramblin Man

Ramblin Man. In 1967 hot-rodding pioneer Barney Navarro worked his magic on a AMC Rambler passenger car stock-block, pushrod, overhead valve, 199-ci 6-cylinder and de-stroked to 182ci, turbocharged, cranked the boost to a Ludacris 105lbs of boost!, and would race this oddball engine at the 1967-68-69 Indianapolis 500.

The first Indy Rambler 6 was Dropped into a 1964 A.J. Watson chassis and piloted by Les Scott (an AMC engineer) but failed to qualify at the 1967 race.

For the 1968 Indy 500 race, Navarro Made some improvements to the turbocharger and waste gate system. Scott would have better luck this time actually making the race and laying down an impressive 150+ mph speeds, but was forced to withdraw with engine problems.

Depending on who you ask these single or Twin turbo Rambler 6’s pumped out an impressive 550 to 700 HP at a low and easy 6000 RPMs, compared to the high Revs of an Offy or Ford.

Navarro and the team would go back to Indy three times but never with great success.

Anyone can run a purebred racing engine, a real man has the balls to build and run an economy cars engine against those purebreds!

Tradition Over Trend.

~Blanton Payne


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