Russian хотрод “Hot Rod”

The Fastest 4 wheels in Russia

The GAZ-GL-1 was a pre-war Russian car designed by Evgenie Agitov. The first GL-1 was built in 1938 in Gaza and was based on the GAZ M-1.

The 1936-1942 GAZ M-1, was based on the V8 1933 Ford. The GAZ M-1 engine made 65 hp instead of the factory power output of 50 hp, This power increase came from a higher compression ratio experimental cylinder heads and larger valves.

In Late 1938 the GL-1 debuted in Kiev, Arkady Nikolaev, to the wheel and during testing ran a top speed of 92mph. I know that doesn’t sounds like much but remember this is 1938 Russia.

In 1940 a factory stock GAZ-11-73 packing its new Inline 6 engine could hit 87mph, GAZ decided to upgrade the GL-1 and go with the new 100hp 6 cylinder and try to set a new Russian speed record. This latest version of the GL-1 Speedster was redesigned to improve the aerodynamics and engine cooling. which had been a struggle with the first version.

A new grille was constructed and a bubble top was mounted over the cockpit. These improvements did have a drawback, increasing the weight over 200lbs to 2425lbs In September of 1940, the GL-1 became the Fastest car of the Soviet Union and set the All-Union speed record of 101.6mph.

The GL-1 was later destroyed, possibly during a bombing of the GAZ manufacturing plant or was just scrapped by the factory after it had completed it’s goal.

2010, a recreation of the second version of the GAZ GL-1 was displayed at the Moscow Museum. The beautiful recreation was built by Boushuev Coachbuild and was a 3 year project. The recreation was built from surviving drawings and photos made by the famous artist Alexander Zakharov.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, we all strive to build the fastest machine around and that’s Tradition Over Trend.

~Blanton Payne



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