The Most Identifiable Hot Rod of All Time

“The most identifiable hot rod of all time.”

The World's Most Iconic 1932 Ford Hot Rods Built by the Legendary Tom McMullen this infamous machines iconic flame paint job was designed by the great Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. Tom Purchased the now famous 32 Ford roadster in 1958 and continuously modified it until selling it in 1970.

Tom started with a 283cid small block Chevy punched out to 352cid and topped with a GMC 4:71 Blower and two Carter AFBs.

Appearing on the covers of Hot Rod Magazine, Street Rodder, Popular Hot Rodding, and Starred on several record album covers. advertisements, on TV and movies.

Ran in official NHRA National events at Pomona running a 118mph through the traps, and even set a top speed record for A/Street roadsters with a 167mph run at El Mirage Dry Lake.

McMullen founded Street Choppers magazine and then started its sister publication Street Rodder. In 1970 he decided to sell the roadster for $5,000 to keep growing and building his business.

Tragically, Tom McMullen died in an snow storm on February 12, 1995, along with his wife Deanna, while piloting his Turbo Commander aircraft cross-country.

His Spirit and Beautiful Hot Rod live on!

~Blanton Payne


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