The Rhinoceros – Noel Black’s Top Fuel Dragster

Updated: Feb 9

The Rhinoceros

Noel Black's 1976 twin engine, all-wheel drive Top Fuel dragster.

Many Motor Heads are familiar with this crazy machine so I thought we would begin our dailies series with this gem.

The Rhinoceros twin engine was not actually a Top Fuel car but instead a Bonneville Streamliner without the body.

Noel unfortunately later died in the Rhinoceros when the belly pan came loose at speeds well above 400 mph. His tragic loss and memory stays with us through these beautiful photographs, fans, family and friends.

At Tradition Over Trend we look back to so many amazing people who asked “why not” pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, allowing us to elevate mechanics to art. These drivers, builders and innovators left a legacy and paved the way for the rest of us Motor Heads.

Photographer Steve Reyes, took this famous photo at Sacramento Raceway.

Blanton Payne

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