Triple The Trouble!

Updated: Jan 21

Triple The Trouble!

Some time in 1966, Tommy Stringfield’s started building his unreal Machine.

The result was the Triple Trouble Nova. this little small Chevy economy car has a whopping 1128 cubic inches and 24 cylinders! Shoehorned in to a more or less stock body production car.

Running one V8 Under the hood in the stock location And power went through an auto 3 speed. The 2 rear engines lived in the place of the Naugahyde back seats with nothing but air between the driver and engines. These 2 stacked engines ran into clutched direct drives.

All 3 engines ran into the masterpiece that was a custom built rear axel using 3 early Olds center sections.

Needless to say it was pretty exciting to drive and traction was not really its strong suit this 4000lbs beast wasn’t the most successful drag car but from what I can find did get down in the 11s. I love seeing crazy creations like this!

Tommy built everything on this amazing car, all of that marvelous rear end, running gear, drivelines, etc were built in his home garage! He welded up the stroker cranks for the engines. Tommy Stringfield was a hell of Motor Head that built exactly what he wanted and dreamed up!

~Blanton Payne

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